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Barbecue Podcasts We Love


You don't have to be standing over a smoker to be thinking about barbecue. That's the magic of podcasts - you can take the grill wherever you go.

Whether you're a grill novice, a strict adherent to a specific regional flavor or a seasoned pitmaster, there's a podcast for you. Here are a few favorites.

Podcast for Serious Barbecue Folk: The BBQ Central Show

Going 13 years strong, this podcast covers competition barbecue, cookbook authors and anything new in the world of barbecue. Sure, they talk to some of the biggest names in the business. But at its heart, this podcast is still about the love of firing up the grill.

Podcast for Thoughtful Pitmasters with Short Attention Spans: Cooking with Fire

NPR has a podcast. And it's good. These brief episodes dive into topics that are off the beaten path. Wanna learn about Himalayan pink salt? Or have you always wanted to know how to grill leberkase? Pop in those earbuds and find out.

Podcast for Folks who Love Texas Barbecue: BBQ State of Mind

If you ever doubt the value of local newspapers, remember that the Houston Chronicle has a barbecue reporter. That's the job. Lucky for us, the beat also produces a darn good podcast. Although it does focus on Texas 'cue, there's good stuff for all palates here.

Podcast for Inquiring Barbecue Minds: Pit Life BBQ

Each episode of this pod features an interview with a different barbecue expert. You'll get tips and insight from folks ranging from restauranteurs to authors to guys who make grills. The constant is the hosts' true passion for the art of barbecue.

Podcast for Students of the Grill: BBQ Beat

Host Kevin Sandridge shares news from the world of barbecue and grilling. If you're interested in how to grill a good meal and learning about tools and techniques, this pod is for you. You'll find interviews with the coolest barbecue people, too.

Podcast for Grillmasters with an International Flair: Smoking Hot Confessions

Ben Arnot is an Australian on a mission: to help people improve their lives through barbecue. His podcast features series on topics like barbecue competitions, road trips and living the barbecue life. His enthusiasm for the grill is contagious!