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Grill Gifts for Dad

Grill Gifts for Dad


Father's Day is coming up. But fear not! Adams Rib Rubb has compiled a list of go-to grill gifts. Whether your dad obsesses over a Smokey Joe while tailgating or rules over a whole outdoor kitchen, we've got a gift for him. 

Hot sauce - Good hot sauce doesn't detract from a meal - it kicks it up a notch. If Dad likes his barbecue on the spicy side, a couple of bottles of hot sauce can help expand his flavor horizons. Right now, we're enjoying HOT LADY. It's not just heat. This hot sauce adds flavor, too. Try it on eggs. Trust us.

Knives - Really nice knives are no longer expensive investments. You can get premium knives if you just know where to look. We've been using Hazaki knives and it's clear founder Samuel Bouchard obsesses over the weight, design and materials. You can get a set or buy Dad that one knife he'll turn to time and time again.

Barbecue thermometer - Something so simple can make a huge difference at the grill! We are big fans of Inkbird thermometers, but their ITH-1P is rechargeable, waterproof and basically indestructible. It comes with a foldable probe and provides a readout in five seconds or less. If your dad is as impatient as we are, he'll love it.

French fry cutter - If your dad loves potatoes but doesn't have a French fry cutter, he is missing out. These tools make cutting potatoes easy. A mandoline is a versatile option that can cut all kinds of vegetables. But if you're looking for a straight-up potato machine, Progressive has a good option. Choose your model by the type of potato you have or the type of fry you want.

Bacon press - This tool changes lives! It's a flat weight that stops bacon from curling when frying. And it can cut cooking time by as much as one half. A solid bacon press will last roughly forever, so you can find vintage options on Etsy. We also like the Cajun Classic Seasoned Cast Iron option.

Ash bucket - If Dad's a charcoal guy, you know that managing coals as they cool can be a challenge. Ashes are dirty, can be hot and might even still be flammable. We like a sturdy metal bucket with handles that make life easier. You can go with galvanized or powder-coated steel. This can from Steven Rachlen is rust proof, but this Panacea bucket has a built-in shovel.

Pellet grill - Maybe your dad is really awesome. Maybe you owe him big time. Or maybe you just both love barbecue. Getting Dad a pellet grill is always appropriate. These bad boys heat up quickly and give your 'cue wood-fired flavor without a stack of lumber. We are fanatics about our Traeger pellet grill. And get this - the newest versions let you monitor and adjust from anywhere with an app.